Light can Cure!

The Healing Power of Light

All manifestations in the universe vibrate in their set frequency. So, it is also the case with humans. Man's vibrating energy generates energy in an electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body, often called the aura. Man has the frequency of the visible part of the electromagnetic field or the same rate as the colors of the spectrum. If man's frequency changes, it results in disharmony or imbalance in a man called disease. The disease results when the vibrational activity of a particular organ departs from its reasonable condition. Light therapy aims to rebalance the individual's frequencies, thus creating a state of well-being.

Ever since the early cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Italy, people have pondered the effects of different colors on man. In those days, only a handful of people, primarily priests, knew how to use this knowledge. They used it mainly to heal people. As the centuries passed, this knowledge began to interest more people, and the interest in practicing color healing culminated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many works were published about the healing powers of colors. Today, we have a different story to tell. People's interests have shifted, and the subject of color is more directed to influencing the environment in which we live.

Click on the image of my article, The Therapy of Light, to read about light therapy. In the article, I explain the background and history of light therapy (color therapy, chromotherapy) and the most common ways of practicing color treatment. The article also gives an account of some of the trends that have been prominent in color healing. Additionally, it reviews the therapeutic value of the different colors of the spectrum and describes treatment cases. Lastly, I introduce the theory and method underlying my version of light treatment.

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